SQUARE is perfect for simple and clean presentation of your business.


Better Management
Presence of a dashboard interface makes it easy to get total visibility into operations. Right from statistics to graphs and status of orders, the dashboard allows users to know exactly what’s going on in the business. Notifications and emails make it easier to keep a track of status of different orders.

All the jobs and their status can be viewed in a single place!

Paperless Operations
Contractingtoolz brings efficiency and productivity into business operations by eliminating paper based processes. Your sales team and technicians are easily able to communicate customer information without any delay. Not just search, addition and updation of customer details also becomes hassle-free.

A task like invoicing which takes 30 minutes on average, can be done in few seconds with Contractingtoolz!

Multiple Roles
Contractingtoolz offers role-based login. From admin to sales rep, property managers to technicians, there are different login credentials for each role. Depending on permission and responsibilities of each role, their dashboard has been designed.

Weekly data entry and information aggregation has also become quick and simple!

Contractingtoolz is mobile-friendly, thus making the software easy-to-use while on the go. From gatecode to time stamps, submitting before and after photos to accessing client information, everything can be done using a mobile device.

Empowering sales reps and technicians with mobile-friendly software!



Features Basic CRM Mid Tier CRM Top Tier CRM
Web Only
Customer setup by Client type
Workorder management
Employee Management
Configure Services
Invoices based on Workorder
Tech web portal
Attach documents to clients
Accounting - AR / AP
Mobile enabled
HR Document Management
Time Management (Clock in - Clock out)
Job Costing
Mobile for Tech & Sales
Sales Agreement Signature
Production of Workorder
Client Mobile & Web Portal Access
Reporting & Live Financials
Auto Responders
DREAM Dashboard

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