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5 Operational Challenges Pest Control Companies Can Overcome Simply by Implementing LeadNow

Managing a pest control company is tough business.  In fact, in providing a service of any type (Landscaping, Janitorial Services, HVAC, etc.), you have your work cut out for you. Unfortunately, finding opportunities and new clients can be even tougher. LeadNow's active lead generation software helps service businesses of all sizes accomplish several tasks related to generating, managing, and converting leads, with or without, a significant sales force. LeadNow saves time by submitting lead data instantly through the cloud, in addition to automating time-consuming tasks.

Let’s review 5 operational challenges the service industry faces that LeadNow turns into opportunity:

1.    Paper leads = Slow response + Expensive process
Arguably, the biggest issue that the Pest Control Industry faces is finding and converting quality leads. Your best source of leads are your employees in the field – most commonly, your technicians. However, recording leads on paper means response times that are less than desirable and excessive paper costs that deserve their very own blog post!

*Enter LeadNow* LeadNow removes the paper and allows onsite technicians to submit instant leads to your home office using their phone so that potential customers can receive same day response, and even potentially, same day service. Instant contact + More leads + No paper = Boom! I mean really, what can you say other than “Boom!”?

2.    The cold lead conundrum. Cold lead cost VS Warm lead risk?
Sometimes exasperation kicks in, and it feels more efficient, and possibly safer, to start cold, rather than disappoint warm opportunities due to inefficient follow up. Many techs go about their service, not even looking for opportunity. Why skip lead generation training? Well, depending on the tech, reaching out to current customers can prove to be a risk and paper is a costly hassle. This is a problem we solved.

LeadNow expands your company’s sales reach while eliminating… yes, you heard me correctly… eliminating cold marketing strategies. With the LeadNow app, your onsite technician can empower your sales team by generating instant, quality leads without getting in the way.

3.    Bad lead info = Wasted time + Ruined relationships
Paper leads means searching for paperwork; submitting paperwork; illegible, scribbled notes; NO SEARCHING CAPABILITIES. Often this leads to angry customers and frustrated employees. No bueno.

With LeadNow, leads are instantly uploaded to home office, enabling you to contact leads immediately and search for leads in seconds if they happen to call back at their own convenience. Convenience for your customers – how do you like them apples?!

4.    “Guesstimating” is probably more accurate than lead tracking, right? Wrong.
Tracking paper leads or online leads is resource consuming and still leaves you wondering whether reports are even close to accurate.

LeadNow enables you to precisely track your lead stats. Stop guessing when it comes to lead count, lead quality, lead conversion, and so much more. View instant reports to know:

  • How many service leads this April VS last April
  • Which techs submit the most quality leads
  • What percentage of leads schedule service or an estimate
  • … Any data you need is at your fingertips – it’s all tracked and reportable!

Accurately measuring lead quality will open your business to simple opportunities within weeks of using LeadNow.

5.    Techs gathering leads = Lost time + lost time + lost time (Lost $$$)
Techs exhaust many of their working minutes, and sometimes even hours each day, simply trying to gather lead information and trying to submit it back to the office. While they have good intentions, filling out paperwork, talking to potential customers, and making calls/texts/emails to home office is an ordeal a process. This “process”, is time on the clock that dramatically reduces the ROI of each lead. Not to forget the aforementioned follow up process that is just as stressful and inefficient.

In summary, let’s review the stark contrast:

Paper Operation:
Day 1 on paper: Spots an opportunity > Returns to truck for lead forms > Records leads on paper > Turns paper in to office at end of shift >
Day 2-5 on paper: Sales calls lead 1-3 times > Files paperwork to update when needed >
Day 3-14 on paper: Sales schedules diagnostic appointment.

LeadNow Operation:
Day 1: Spots an opportunity > Enters lead on LeadNow app, complete with pictures & audio description >
Day 1-3: Sales calls lead 1-3 times > Sales updates status, visible on techs' LeadNow app ensuring prospect is taken care of.

There's no comparison. LeadNow removes the barriers and simplifies inside sales, enabling any team to succeed. Effective tools empower efficient employees to generate quality leads, which means company productivity will increase.

The bottom line = LeadNow is a no brainer.

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