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3 Ways Active Lead Generation Software Empowers Pest Control Companies

Leads suck. OK, well not really, but how we’ve been getting them does. It doesn’t even seem to matter where they came from: technicians, advertisements, online – there's a new headache with every source.

In fact, with the increasing competition in the pest control industry, traditional marketing methods are not only less than sufficient, generating quality leads seems harder than ever before. Now-a-days, affordable technology can be leveraged to assist bussinesses of any industry to expand their customer base. So why not pest control companies? Well, that's where we come in. 

Here are just 3 ways in which active lead generation software empowers pest control companies, large and small:

It's OK. You can celebrate now too.

1.     Expand customer reach – With LeadNow’s active lead generation software, qualified leads are a simple press of the button. Some basic math principles – if our incoming lead count is high, conversion rates will increase. Traditional lead generation software provides cold, heartless leads, but active lead generation software streamlines how you are collecting leads and provides instant follow up opportunity! Internal lead conversion will sky rocket!

2.     Organization means more business – Managing paperwork for leads is unacceptable in 2015. Active lead generation software removes all the hassles involved in managing your internal leads. LeadNow eliminates paper costs, grants instant access for immediate follow up, keeps track of historic leads, and provides instant reports to further help you recognize opportunity. Planning for seasonal opportunities, recognizing all-star lead generators (or lead demographics), generating bonuses, and providing training for those who are struggling in your sales and marketing campaigns just scratches the surface of what LeadNow’s instant reporting technology means for your organization.

3.     Cost effective implementation – Beyond the paper costs, pest control companies lose resources chasing old leads, losing customers, not following up fast enough with opportunities and simply passing up opportunity all together because of inconvenient processes. Active lead generation software is vital for every pest control company and should not be a burden, operationally or financially.

With a near instant ROI, active lead generation software is the way of the future. Don’t let your competitors get ahead. Don’t lose potential customers waiting in plain sight.

Begin your free 14-day trial of LeadNow the active lead generation software your pest control company can start using today!